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New Builds and Property Extensions in Hertford | Building Regulations

Construction work and alterations on existing builds in Hertford in the form of property extensions or property refurbishments have minimum standards for quality. Known as the Building Regulations, these standards have government and parliamentary approval. House builders and tradesmen must meet health, safety, sustainability, welfare, convenience and energy efficiency measures, and have their work passed as acceptable by Building Control.


On some projects, the Building Regulations also make provisions for the disabled.


These regulations set standards on a nationwide basis, not just in Hertford, and affect a sizeable proportion of the services provided by McCarthy Build Ltd. New developments have more legislative requirements than any type of work because of the multiple trades involved in the project – house builders, plumbers and electricians to name just a few.


The Building Regulations also cover smaller builds, such as property extensions, because there has to be strict standards in place for the foundations and footings, insulation, ventilation, heating, electrical supply, damp-proofing and fire protection. Even different aspects of property refurbishments and renovations demand compliancy, especially in the event of structural alternations. The Building Regulations consist of 14 sections or ‘parts’:


A) Structural Work

B) Fire Safety

C) Resistance to Contamination and Moisture

D) Hazardous Substances

E) Sound Reduction

F) Ventilation

G) Hygiene

H) Drainage and Waste Disposal

J) Combustive Appliances and Fuel Storage

K) Fall Risk, Collision and Impact Protection

L) Fuel and Power Conservation

M) Ease of Access and Use

N) Glazing (Impact, Opening and Cleaning)

P) Electrical Safety

How do Building Regulations and Building Control Help Consumers?

If property extensions or property refurbishments play a part in your plans for transforming a Hertford home, or if you don’t have a home at all but need a team of house builders to construct one, the Building Regulations will almost certainly dictate the quality of the build or the workmanship, and Building Control will be the body to monitor that quality.


There is very little by the way of theoretical or practical guidance available for anybody working outside of the trade so, for the successful planning and completion of a project, take some time to find architects, designers and house builders with experience in the planning and execution of new builds, property extensions and property refurbishments.


McCarthy Build Ltd, located in Hoddesdon, welcomes enquiries from customers in the nearby Hertford area. If you already have plans for a new build, an extension or a refurbishment from an architect, our house builders and tradesmen have the knowledge, the experience and the necessary skills needed to not only follow the blueprint, but to also comply with the current Building Regulations during every stage of the project.


In fact, we work on new builds, property extensions and property refurbishments as sole contractors and as project management specialists.


Wherever you choose McCarthy Build Ltd for projects in Hertford, you do so knowing you’ll never have to spend time hiring different contractors for separate stages of the job. The more personnel you have working onsite, the greater the potential there is for a lack of communication and for something to fall outside the criteria of the Building Regulations.


Leave your property development needs in our hands knowing new builds, extensions and refurbishments have the support of our own insurance-backed warranties.

To discuss new builds, extensions and property refurbishments in Hertford, call our house builders on 07956 875904.

House Builders Hoddesdon
House Builders Hoddesdon
House Builders Hertford
House Builders Hoddesdon
House Builders Hertford
House Builders Hoddesdon