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Our House Builders in Hoddesdon Answer Your Questions Here

One of the biggest reasons to choose McCarthy Build Ltd over our competitors in the Hoddesdon area is the clear, transparent way we go about our day-to-day business. Property extensions and property refurbishments need the application of skilled house builders and tradesmen with a keen eye for detail. They also require a deep and thorough understanding of the legislation that governs our trade, including the Building Regulations.


On this page, McCarthy Build Ltd answers some of the recent questions received from prospective customers and clients in our local area.


Can I trust your business credentials?


Yes. We’re one of the most experienced companies to cover the Hoddesdon area with an impressive 30 years of trading behind us. Our team consists of 8 full-time house builders and tradesmen with a supporting team of 3 office staff who are here to handle the enquiries of domestic and commercial customers, and the administrative side of their projects.


Importantly, we operate as members of the Federation of Master Builders. This renowned trade association, established in 1941, promotes high operational standards, offers advice to consumers and enables members to offer insurance-backed warranties on their projects. These warranties cover property extensions, property refurbishments and new builds.


Can your house builders work on any type of build?


Yes. We cover all domestic and commercial builds whereas most house builders in the local Hoddesdon and Hertfordshire areas only work on one or the other. This owes much to the fact that McCarthy Build Ltd liaises well with architects, with local authorities and with the regulatory departments responsible for maintaining standards on new build projects.


Working to the original blueprint presents no problem to our house builders or to our company. We’ve worked hard to develop a full in-house project management service where our own teams construct new builds without having to use other contractors.


This helps us to maintain standards throughout each build in the Hoddesdon area, to comply with Building Regulations and to meet other criteria demanded by Building Control.


How do property extensions benefit me compared to a conversion?


This really depends on what you want to achieve at your Hoddesdon or Hertfordshire property but, if you want to create a new kitchen or a utility room, it’s hard to do so if you only have loft space to work with instead of a garage. Likewise, a garage might not be ideal for a new bedroom – especially if you plan to use the converted space for a young child.


Property extensions allow you to create added room space exactly as and where you’d like it by building on garden space available on the surrounds of your home.


Importantly, the added value from an extension could see the build paying for itself in years to come should you ever decide to sell your Hoddesdon home. Property extensions also leave your loft and garage space free for intended use, and increase communal living space so that you and your family can gain more enjoyment for the everyday living experience.


How can property refurbishments help me as an investor or a landlord?


The cost of renovations nearly always outweighs the cost of property refurbishments so, as long a recent purchase in Hoddesdon hasn’t suffered major damage or dilapidation, our house builders and tradesmen should be able to refurbish it to a habitable or sellable condition at a price that gives you a much better return on your original investment.


Property refurbishments cover every part of a building, from the walls, the ceiling and the floors to the roofing and the exterior surfacing.


Even if you only require a single room plastered and painted ahead of renting it out as a bedsit, property refurbishments attract more interest and promote qualified enquiries from quality tenants in the Hoddesdon area with excellent credentials and references.

To discuss new builds, extensions and property refurbishments in Hoddesdon, call our house builders on 07956 875904.

House Builders Hoddesdon
House Builders Hoddesdon
House Builders Hertford
House Builders Hoddesdon
House Builders Hertford
House Builders Hoddesdon